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Discussion in 'QnA (read only)' started by vignesh, May 9, 2006.

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    I know its too late for a review on Breezy..I just wanted to test my skills as a reviewer...So tell me your comments...I want to become KDE volunteer for writing documentation and reviews so tell me where I stand ...

    PS : This is my first review,point out all the mistakes you can.I used vi to write this review.No screenshots as it may slow down the loading of the page for dialup users.

    Breezy Badger 5.10

    I also like other people in the world ordered a few cds from
    Shipit.While we wait for them to arrive let me tell you the plus points of
    a livecd.A livecd can be used to test drive a new laptop/Pc quickly to see if
    its what you are looking for.It gives you an environment you are used to.There
    are minus points as well, What doesn`t ? The most important minus is that
    everytime you have to configure all your devices and that takes time.Some live
    cds have an option to save configuration files to the disk (Knoppix & derivatives) or to the cd itself (Puppy Linux).There is a way in which Breezy can also
    store these files and I think it may be included as an option in Drapper..

    OK..The cds arrived in a neatly packaged case with 5 folders in
    it.Each folder has 2 cds , an install cd and a livecd.I popped in the livecd andit dropped me to a boot prompt.The default is live,you can type live-expert for ultimate control.There are many more cheatcodes as they are called to get the
    livecd working on your system.Check the cheatcodes in <F2> to <F7>.Then answer afew questions and after a few minutes you see a brown fancy desktop, some say
    Cool !
    I had no problems with my hardware,all worked just fine.My
    system configuration is as follows
    Amd Xp200+ 1.67Ghz
    256 MB RAM
    Nvidia Geforce 2 MX
    Samsung SyncMaster 793MB
    Dax external modem

    Considering the amount of RAM I have,still the live cd was
    quite fast in booting (less than 4 mins).When you start an application on a livecd it takes more time than it actually takes when the OS is installed,since Hardisks have faster access times than a cdrom.

    The default wallpaper has changed from Hoary,the theme is still
    brown.They expect to change to Blue after the next release Drapper Drake (i.e)
    they will change in Edgy eft .The main improvements over Hoary are better hardware support,faster bootup and lot of bugfixes..

    Application wise the following have seen improvement
    1.Gnome terminal
    2.Totem now has a playlist
    4.Firefox 1.0.7 (latest then..)

    Ubuntu comes with just the basic software as its a single cd
    distro.Lets make it more productive..

    Install beep media player (bmp) to play mp3 files.. wma plugin has to be installed seperately.

    apt-get install beep-media-player

    Install vlc media player for playing videos

    apt-get install vlc

    A few favorites..

    apt-get install frozen-bubble

    apt-get install tuxracer

    apt-get install supertux

    Don`t be shy to install any other games you like...

    You can also use Synaptic for a more easy 3 click install..

    There are many scripts that do this work for you as well like
    Automatix or easy Ubuntu (fresh!).You all know about automatix.Easy Ubuntu is a
    GUI update tool that does all this work for you.

    To sum up,Ubuntu has come a long way from its Warty release in which could not
    even get X working .I got it working after a 3 hour struggle.Its the only distrothat has come up so fast.My thumbs up for Breezy.
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    Nice review man! Though a lil too late! :p
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