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Brand New Antec Sonata III on Sale

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Two days back i got a brand new Antec Sonata III box packed. As i dont require the cabinet i am putting it up on sale. Mind i wont be selling the Antec PSU/SMPS EA 500 that came with it, only the cabinet/chassis is on sale.
For more details on chassis pls click here http://www.antec.com/us/productDetails.php?ProdID=15137
I am in kolkata and i am looking for buyers in kolkata only.

If anyone is interested pls lemme kno.


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no one else is interested. i m surprised.

LOL Dude..u specifically Metioned Kolkota ..so you got 1 from kolkota ..if you are Looking for a Buyer from else where I am intrested...PM me your Price...and Also the Shipping cost ...
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