Blocked sites !!!!


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I am currently in college and use the free wireless which is provided through the management to access internet.
The wifi requires you to enter a specified proxy address and port to access internet.
Recently the management has several freeware and shareware sites like
I can access this sites using tor browser bundle but it is very slow.
Is there any alternative solution??


nope, unless you are a top grade systems analyst, know how to use wireshark, and have packet manipulating tools.forget it, use a proxy tool/site, like JAP or something.


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^^even with all that i don't think it is possible.the network uses a proxy server as a gateway so no matter what you do at your end it doesn't matter.only way is to hack/control the gateway server itself which will need much more than wireshark & packet manipulating tools.
if you want to use then definitely it would be related to work in your field(CS/IT), so tell management to unblock at least those sites.
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