Black ops 3 problem

Rohan Roy

Right off the assembly line
I have a HP Pavilion 15-AB032TX laptop.My specs are -
HP Pavilion 15-ab032TX
15.6 inch Full HD Anti-Glare Led Backlit Display
5th gen Intel Core i5-5200U @ 2.2Ghz with Turbo Boost upto 2.7Ghz
8Gb DDR3 Ram @ 1600 Mhz
1TB SATA HDD @ 5400 Rpm
2 GB Nvidia GeForce 940m Graphic Card
2 GB Intel hd graphics 5500

So on JAnuary 10 this year I installed Black ops 3 along with the zombis DLC.And I ran the game at 800*600(the lowest resolution) and it worked just fine.So due to pressure of studies I uninstalled it and reinstalled it on 19 Jan.But after that day I have never seen my game perform properly.It lags so much,literally freezes at the end of the first mission that it becomes unplayable.When I had played it on 10 jan I had atleast reached the 2nd mission but now,it is impossible to complete even the first mission due to such issues.

My laptop is capable of playing the game.There is a youtube channel ( COD - Black Ops 3 on HP Pavilion 15-ab032TX, Low Setting 1080p, Core i5 5200u + Nvidia Geforce 940 - YouTub ) in which the guy plays using exactly the same laptop on high settings !!!
(NVIDIA GeForce 940M - Tec )

I have tried so many things-
Contacting hp ,Nvidia but to no avail.
I was suggested to perform a clean delete of all files in the system and reinstall windows but it was impossible(having bought the laptop only june last year) and it would push me back again to Win 8.1.So I decided to avoid it :(
I increased virtual RAM from 12 to 15 gb.
Removed nvidia drivers using Display driver uninstaller
and reinstalled it
temporarily disabled UAC
Updated Nvidia PhysX and Geforce experience software
Ran Game with Administrator
Now I am being asked to uninstall all the intel drivers too using DDU and reinstall them using the product OEM's website but I found so many drivers there and that's why I am so bewildered.
Please help me on this one.
Thanking You
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