BIOS Boot failure

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Broken In
I accidently corrupted my motherboard's BIOS while resetting my password. I did not remove the CMOS battery, before changing the jumpers. As a result, i am stuck with a motherboard, that emits two beeps and then keeps quiet. Even my monitor doesnt display anything. I tried removing and putting back the batt. and then turning the thing on, but still there's no solution. What do you think the problem may be? Please Help!
P.S Please dont tell me i'll have to go in for another motherboard!


Linux Learner
A PC doesn't give beep sounds for BIOS (firmware) corruption. They are caused only due to actuall hardware malfunctions.

Your MB manual will have the problem documented for these alerts raised. Look in your MB manual for the beep 'Patterns'

Also, the monitor should display some error messages just before the beep sound is played. Try to get the meaning out of those messages
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