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best stratigy game on pc

best strategy game

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commandos: behid enemy lines
commandos: beyond the call of duty
commandos: men of courage
commandos: destination berlin


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Commandos is my vote...the first game...behind enemy lines PAWNS ALL!! But if I had to choose a regular RTS, I'd say Warcraft III FT...no other game is as much fun! Except maybe Starcraft...

This is such a nooby poll..


C&C series....:), dont bother with others...;), actually every options are good. i happen to like C&C series, thats all....well , AOE3 is one i did not like , i prefer AOE2 to AOE3

@gangadhar...yes, i support that ...all commandos except the latest FPS one rocks...:)
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aoe3 is the most bullshitting bullshit that ever got the name of bullshit
command and conquer 3 is really good also supreme commander is good
company of heroes if overrated medieval 2 is also good but hell why would anyone vote for aoe3
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