Best phone for 14000-15000



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i had made up my mind for c6-01 ,but when i compared the photo quality of defy and c6-01 from the tool in gsmarena i think that defy has better image quality and i m confused again :(


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hey guys, even i am confused between c6-01 and motorola defy.
while the c6-01 packs in an 8mp cam compared to defy's 5mp, c6-01 is a fixed focus camera while that of defy is an auto-focus one.
Nokia also has better battery life than that of most of the phones, would like to know about the battery life of Defy.
Nokia also has a brilliant after-sales-service, what about that of motorola ??
however motorola steals the show with the android os, compared to symbian. But c6-01 has got the Anna update so that might be exciting.
So, i'd lyk u people to come up with some suggestions as i am confused as hell :-(
thnkx guys
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