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best headphones for rock/metal at 500-700rs.

Abhishek Asole

Right off the assembly line
Hi, i am new to this forum, i am thinking of buying a new pair of headphones. My budget is around 500-600.
with 100-150 bucks either way.
I mostly listen to Rock,hardrock,metal and classic rock/metal.
i need the headphones to be highly rich on the lower scales,ie bass.
but bass must not overpower the vocals n leads.
i am attracted to the Sennheiser MX170 & soundmagic es18.
though i am more inclined to the mx170,coz of their reported rich bass.
but please suggest me sum better models if there are other than these!!

red dragon

Master troll
Get a pair of JVC Marshmallows from Pristinenote.But do not expect anything magical with your sources.
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