Best gaming mouse and pads of medium range

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Steelseries is far better than DragonWars, period. It's a professional gaming mouse mat.

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For Mouse get Logitech 302 and use rest money for Good mousepad preferably Razer or Steelseries whichever is comes in your budget.


Would recommend Goliathus speed, its slightly cheaper than Steelseries, and still reasonably bigger..

dont spend too much on a mousepad


Under 1500, Best no-nonsense mouse would be Razer Abyssus (if you can get one for <1500, the older version). Second would be Logitech G302 Daedalus Prime.
Razer Abyssus
- Ambidextrous.
- 1000Hz polling rate
- 3 Dpi settings upto 3500dpi
- Dpi switch is under the mouse, no on the fly dpi switch convenience
- No braided cable.
Razer Abyssus has fluctuating price, I had got one 4years back for 1.6k while a friend had purchased the same few months back for 2.2k.

Last year a friend had purchased Logitech G302 and his review was all praises about it.
- 6 buttons
- On the fly dpi switch upto 4000dpi
- 1000Hz polling rate
- No braided cable
- Not ambidextrous
- Some issues with button clicks after few months of usage.

Abyssus is a larger mouse and both are good for claw grip while Abyssus feels better for palm grip.

As for mouse pad I would suggest Razer Goliathus because it has stitched sides. Steelseries Qck is another great option.

Assuming you have 2500 for mouse and mouse pad, you can spend ~2000 on the mouse and around 500-600 for mouse pad.
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