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  1. A

    Best gaming mouse and pads of medium range

    which is the best best gaming mouse under RS.1500 in india and what are its pros and cons.. among these 2 which the best one 1) Buy Redragon M601 CENTROPHORUS-2000 DPI Gaming Mouse Online at Low Prices in India | Redragon Reviews & Rating 2) Buy Dragonwar ELE-G9...
  2. smilingassassin

    Need Some Help buying Keyboard and Mice

    Hi guys, I am looking for Roccat Ryos MK Pro mechanical gaming keyboard (Brown/Red Switches) but don't know where to buy! Do you have any information? Also looking to buy a mice within Rs.3000 (Rs.3500 max) and confused between Roccat Kova [+], Logitech G400S and Steelseries Kana V2. Which one...
  3. bloodlife

    Need Gaming Mouse & Keyboard

    Hello everyone, Need suggestions on Gaming Mouse and Keyboard + mouse pad. budget 6-8k will be purchasing from FK got to use that Cash back offer! so pls post your valuable views. Thank You. *Mouse for FPS, RPG type games and Right handed If not FK will buy locally.
  4. sksundram

    why Razer Goliathus doesn't work for me?

    so i got Corsair m65 gaming mouse and it was working perfect on my table. but somehow i got an itch that a true gamer needs a true gaming mouse pad. so i ordered this Razer Goliathus from flipkart. Razer Razer Goliathus - Fragged Mousepad - Razer: The problem is when i use it...
  5. B

    Best Mouse pad with wrist support

    Hi, Please suggest the best mouse pad with wrist support available in the market. Suffering from wrist pain due to prolonged mouse usage on hard table surface. Regards
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