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best FPS games??

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:cool: i am mad about first person shooting games.....
so which games i should play..as i have played call of duty , halo, doom 3...
so what's more .......??:confused:


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quake, hitman, serious sam ,Gun, Max Payne , Splinter cell, Farcry, No one lives for ever, Fear, half-life,Prey, etc


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i think...u all have missed one of the best FPS game and that is...
play CONDITION ZERO or any other CS .game...u will have fun..it just rocks.. even after so many years...
the absolute best ever FPS game is Quake 3 Arena... Just ask any ol' timer n this is what they gonna say... (does that mean i am old??... hmm... yup...prolly i am).

No game of that age could especially render the curved surface thingie as brilliantly as Q3 did it..


Broken In
Somebody actually liked fear, man its a complete **** of game with completely lacking gameplay, the only thing gong for it is the graphics
My best are, unreal tournament, half life 2, etc.


^^well..............IT WAS THE GAME OF THE YEAR & has won many other awards............ 4 its
awesome AI , gfx.

did u say that it lacked gameplay???:confused:

FEAR is one of THE best FPS games out there..........
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