Best android games you have played.


In the zone
Hearthstone is awesome! Been addicted to it. Plus i got a free mount that i claim for WoW. the Hearthsteed.

yeah ! Hearthstone is awesome! My hearthstone id is PolupokA#1734 add me anybody please!
Till now I am addicted to Granny Smith,Marvel Contest of Champions,hearthstone,Asphalt 8: Airborne and plant vs zombies 2.


Cyborg Agent
Swordigo, Leos fortune and then Freeze, badland, great games

i hate asphalt 8, it cant driver properly on road,


Truth Seeker
Got it, adding now. Who is in there

me, [MENTION=285910]TechnoBOY[/MENTION], [MENTION=95198]kamal_saran[/MENTION]!!
Calling the inactives [MENTION=121890]kaz[/MENTION] and [MENTION=16606]clmlbx[/MENTION] to join this guild. :D :D
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