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Best Allrounder PHONE

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Hi Guys,

Iam looking forward for your valuable suggestions:

Which among these is the best allrounder phone in terms of music,browsing capability,camera and video recording?




4)Samsung i8510 INNOV8


Thanks in advance.:p

I would request all of you to take part and voice your opinion.


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(N79~ZN5), C905 , N82

INNOV8 will be way more than your budget and will be in 30k section


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C905 if your requirements is of a multimedia phone.

If you need Symbian, then Nokia N79 or N82 according to your taste.


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Personally i dont like the iphone.. But i like the phone where the dog comes..
You know you n i.... In this beautiful world..
I think its called Vodafone.. Its the best ever. I like it more than my college lecturers..


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Most of you have suggested for N82.

Now how do I make the sound quality of N82 as good as a W902.

Do you guys think that just by using a good earphone like HPM77 or HPM88 I can succeed.

If not what else can I do?:confused:


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^^gimme a break..thoise devices come no where near the W902(whose big brother W980 won the best sound quality award by TESTFACTORY and also the EISA ward for the best music phone)
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There were 4 brands in this comparo.. how are u so certain that SE is the only one matters..??? ...

so ur saying that the other 3 just pull out of business... even if u take any kind of market share anywhere in the world u can see the SE is NOT in the first position in MOST places on earth... ooh maybe ur answers will be..low end phone...the network tie-ups..ppl being a fool to buy other than SE.. :lol: .. nice

btw.. u sure xperia will be sub or 30k in dec 08... then its my next phone.... :)

its interesting observing a fanboy curse all others and love just one..


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I was referring to the post above.The rokr series or the Samsung ones are the only ones that come near to beating the W980 in terms of sound quality..

Out of the list the Innov8 is the best sounding, followed by the W902.

And yea, the XPERIA will be sub 30k by dec. Its valued at 500 pounds now so it will start retailing at 35k in india.


I think the Tread Starter is looking for an 'ALL Rounder Mobile Phone" and not for a single feature ..
Still I would say Nokia N82 would be Value for Money for this specific allrounder requirement...
If you are looking only for Camera quality and music then C905 can be considered.


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^^^ if you really want to jump into sound quality then why not buy a dedicated MP3 player lolz........
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