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Battlefield 4 Discussion



The Mighty Unkel!!!
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my order went through cdkeys.com.. paid £27.90 or ₹2,850.70 .. key will be available in a few days..


Wise Old Owl
^^ what? .. it was the only site in which my order went through :|

I hope you get the key on date because last time , they cancelled my order on the last day wothout any reason .

Atlast i bought the game from origin mx , Special thanks to rocky2702 , who used his Dad card to buy the game for me :)


Download started :D
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Cyborg Agent
^^ the irony is .. we dont know what speeds we will get for the downloads :(

Expect some pretty bad d/w speeds.. as usual the servers will be clogged and EA will say "We did not expect so many downloads to happen". And they think we are dumb. lol
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