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  • Doomsday grows horns
  • Death of Superman story line
  • Flash time travel
  • Injustice story line hinted
  • Dark Sied is coming
  • Batman is bad a*s

Some things which are confusing/misunderstood by many:

1. That wasn't entirely a dream sequence. It was a nod to Injustice Storyline. In fact, the entire "dream sequence" was probably a future vision OR an alternate universe, where Superman becomes a tyrant after Lois is killed by Joker, and Superman blames Batman for it because he never killed Joker when he had a chance. Since they showed Parademons working with Superman's forces, it seems it was kind of a vision.

2. That guy warning Bruce, was actually Flash (Ezra Miller), from the future using Speedforce. It seems he went back too far by mistake i.e. before formation of Justice League, and hence Bruce doesn't know him. That's why he says: "Too soon Bruce, too soon?" Also he says Lois is the key, again the nod to point 1.

3. Superman dying is PERFECT. That is Death of Superman storyline. Doomsday kills Superman in comics. Its then revealed that Superman never died, his heart beat became so slow that everyone presumed he was dead.

4. In the end when Lex says Devil is coming, and those in the stars know that god (Superman) is dead, he means that Darsied is coming. It seems all this was planned by Darksied, to systematically take out Superman before he can invade earth.

5. Batman killing is OKAY. This is TDKR version of Batman, not that pansy Nolan Batman. Read more here: Comicbook

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