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Bandwidth usage


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I recently formatted my PC and have installed some new softwares on it. I found that my internet bandwidth usage is showing very high figures. I don't think I use so much of the bandwith and am feeling like some of the software I have installed is eating up the traffic. Is there any utility which checks the internet calls from my PC when I am online? I want to check any suspecious net reqests going out from my PC. If that utility also gives the name of the process which is issuing the request then it would be ideal.


Try netstat -a. Keep a notice of programs using the internet. Softwares like java, googleupdate and even windows often update themselves without any notification.


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Or you can try TCPView, a Sysinternals tool (read safe). Download application from here. Just 284 KB file.
Its like above command, but display the apps in a GUI, and dynamically updates itself. You can sort by "Received" column to know which app is taking most amount of bandwidth.
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