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[Complaint] Asus Service Centre Worst Service

Discussion in 'Service and RMA watch' started by saurabh_bansal90, Dec 29, 2017.

  1. saurabh_bansal90

    saurabh_bansal90 Member

    Apr 6, 2013
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    Me and Asus Service Centre's have a love relationship I guess hence no matter how much i try to breakup with it, it keeps calling me back.

    Currently had a problem with the new ASUS laptop I had purchased Asus A555LF.
    The graphics card was not functioning.

    So Story mode on.
    Somewhere in the month of august.

    Took my laptop to Regenersis (India) Private Limited Saki Naka, (Authorised Asus Service Centre Mumbai)

    Explained the whole thing to the operator at the counter that my graphics card was not being detected etc etc.

    She called the engineer explained him the whole thing again.

    The engineer denied collecting my laptop saying that there is no problem with the laptop it just had some driver problems. And fresh installation of drivers would fix it.

    When I told him that the drivers were downloaded from Asus's Official product page and I even tried installing the drivers again in front of him which failed to install obviously since the graphics card was dead.

    He again told me that he cannot take my laptop since he needs the original driver CD which came with the laptop.

    The driver CD which i had received with the laptop was for windows 8.1 while Windows 10 was installed.

    Explained him that as well still he refused, felt like I was visiting some government department where the employees give some or the other reason to get out of the work.

    So i left feeling helpless.

    So the new task for me was to find the driver CD which i'm pretty sure no one ever keeps with them

    Thankfully during the Diwali cleaning I found my Driver CD.

    Current Month
    12th December 2017.

    I go all prepared this time not, going to return empty handed ( Well actually hoping to return empty handed, handing over the laptop to them)

    I had also installed windows 8.1 this time so the engineer does not again give me another reason.

    Reach the counter again, the usual process the engineer comes again (The same guy who came before)

    The looks into my laptop again this time i hand over the driver CD to him, he tries but cannot install the Nvidia Drivers.

    He tells the operator to book my laptop into the system, tells me to call them the next day.

    14th December

    I call them to inquire about my laptop.

    Typical government department response "Sir server down hain, as soon as the server is running we will call you back"

    So i waited for around 3-4 hours. Got no call from them. Called them again. "Sir server abhi bhi down hai, we will call you back".

    15th December 2017

    I get a call back from them saying that they have examined the laptop and the graphics card is dead so they will have to replace the motherboard.

    I inquired how much time will they take i was told 3-4 working days.

    Got a call again on 17th or 18th December the engineer said that they had received the a new faulty motherboard and it will take a little longer than expected.

    22nd December 2017

    Got a mail from Regenersis saying the laptop is ready to be collected.

    I go collect my laptop the engineer opens device manager and shows me my Nvidia Card under Graphics Adapter Head.

    I collect the laptop.
    After reaching home when I open my bag to remove the laptop I see that the laptop is opening from one side.

    When I look carefully I realize that the laptop was not screwed at all.

    It was opening from all the sides.

    I feel that's the most unprofessional thing they can ever do.

    Called the service centre told them how they screwed up, ohh how they actually didn't screw up..:rofl:

    And told them I would be escalating this to Asus's Regional Service Manager.

    I had contacted Asus's Western region Service Manager Before Prathamesh Kenny.

    But it seems that the service manager has changed and currently its Rajeshree Kamble.

    Called Asus's hotline number they would not provide me her email ID.

    If anyone could provide me her email ID that would be great.

    I also need feedback regarding how i should go abt the whole thing with Asus.
  2. whitestar_999

    whitestar_999 Super Moderator Staff Member

    Nov 7, 2011
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    There are 3 Asus service centre franchise in India,Rashi,Regenersis & F1 Info Solutions.Consider it a bad luck that you went to Regenersis,speaking from a friend's experience F1 Info(Delhi) is quite good for asus RMA especially for laptops(they may be a bit slow but not rude or questioning customer like in this case). Unfortunately though F1 info don't handle asus graphics card RMA,if they did then F1 Info would be preferred one stop shop for all asus products rma at least in Delhi.My suggestion is that you try F1 Info in Mumbai for asus RMA.
  3. patkim

    patkim Active Member

    Mar 5, 2005
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    I just suggest also post your detailed complaint with photographs of state of your laptop as received on a site called Indian Consumer Complaints Forum If Asus is listed as a registered company with them they shall also escalate the complaint on your behalf to Asus. While chances of getting it resolved thru this channel may not be that great, at least you voice your concern on that forum and it may get viewed by other users too.

    Sometimes it all boils down to the individual with whom you are dealing rather than the company/franchise and its reputation. If the person is cranky/unproductive/inefficient and lacks commitment you simply get a bad experience.

    Unfortunately it's quite common that the company's own members lack knowledge about their own policies and as a result customers suffer. Whenever such instances have happened with me, I try my best to demand to talk with the department manager then and there at the service center and try to re-validate what was communicated to me.

    In my experience, customer care never provides email ids of members in charge. However I follow a trick. I try all possible combinations from the name (first only, first.last, first_last, last_first,last only and so many others one can imagine) followed by domain name and shoot a mail. Sometimes it works.

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