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[Praise] asus laptop replacment been very smooth with raashi guys and dealer.


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i read alot of prblms abt aftr sale services nd replacement prblms abt asus nd rashi peripherals . .but i got my laptop replaced in 2 days with very easy process.
At first they said 3 days . .bt they cald me in 2 days nd handed me seald new lapy .

I hav woried alot abt this aftr readng reviews abt service bt its alot easier may here(vijayawada,andhra pradesh)


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Yes service of rashi at my place is also not bad. When i purchased my asus 5750 formula, it was faulty and they replaced it within 10 days and also provided a spare 4350 in the meantime.

Only kolkata rashi has a bad reputation i guess.
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