asus GL552JX - CN009H vs asus GL552JX - DM087D


Right off the assembly line
Hi friends,

Please suggest which is best

Wheater it supports upto 16gb ram with 1600mhz

Wheather we can place ssd or not in both of the laptops

Thank you


Right off the assembly line
Hi Congrats ..for ending up your search with one of the best models in India (it is out of stock ) i went with Dm087d only reason cn009h comes with 2 4 gb slot which would be wastage for me as i would upgrade to 16 gb need 8 gb sticks ...but i was not aware that dm087d comes with a TN display where as the other one with IPS (heartbreak)..also DM087D is a dos model (with 4 gb ram)for which u need to install OS ..SSD seems to be available with both the models ..incase if you are able to see CN009H in stock somewhere (do not go for LT ONLINE STORE) it would be great but most of us ending up buying DM087D in ebay (the one sold by Garg) DM087D comes with 4 gb graphics gard which is of no use unless you want to use uhd or 4k resolutions .Finally speak to Asus understand when stock for cn009h is back in india it is worth waiting ..if its too late u may also want to end up buying DOS model .By the way DM087D comes for 59 k in ebay where as cn009h was last available at 71k in flipkart
If what [MENTION=319165]Sagar9[/MENTION] said is true, get the CN009H from flipkart, its back in stock.

Believe me, my Y500 has a better display than TN display of Y50. And yes it has a M2 slot for additional SSD + HDD is 7200 rpm one
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