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    SSD Advice for laptop

    Hey Guys, it time i give some new life to my laptop ASUS ROG GL552JX which claims to have M.2 sata slot. Will this SSD be compatible with it?If no, what other options do i have? TIA!
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    Lenovo Y50 vs Dell Inspiron 7559 vs ASUS GL552JX

    I already purchased an ASUS ROG GL552JX-CN316T around October. It had terrible backlight bleeding and I contacted customer care for it. After replacing the screen a couple of times and failing to solve the issue they recently refunded the entire amount to me ~78k (good on them). I am now...
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    Cooling for GL552JX

    I got the 552 from flipkart half a month back. Previously, I owned a 9800 GTX+ and the upgrade to a 950m seems like a disappointment lol xD I've tried OC'ing the gpu to +135 Mhz core n +300 Mhz mem stable with 82 degrees temp. (I'm not noob at OC) I wont keep it OC'ed was just checking the...
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    asus GL552JX - CN009H vs asus GL552JX - DM087D

    Hi friends, Please suggest which is best Wheater it supports upto 16gb ram with 1600mhz Wheather we can place ssd or not in both of the laptops Thank you Soan
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