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Anyone planning for vacation trip to MARS!!!

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The roadmap seems quite simple:

2013 – The astronaut selection begins. A total of 40 people will be chosen to live and train in a replica of the Martian settlement.
2014 – This is where the preparation for sending the first batch of supplies and communication satellite begins.
2016 – In January the supplies, 2500 kg of food and the satellite will be send to Mars.
2018 – A rover will land on Mars. It will choose the best location for the settlement and will stream live video to Earth available for anyone to watch.
2021 – All supplies for the settlement will have landed on Mars plus a second rover.
2022 – All the machinery needed for water, oxygen and atmosphere production will be ready. The first manned flight to Mars launches on September 14. Four people will take the one-way trip to the red planet.
2023 – The first people will land on Mars and start working on the settlement. Two years later the next colonizers will arrive, bringing new modules, rover and hardware.

Mars One - the first plan for a human settlement on Mars - GSMArena Blog


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Oh boy! I wonder if it will actually happen though. Highly unlikely to land on mars anytime soon. On a relevant note, watch the Carl Sagan documentary, "Cosmos". He will take you on a real trip to space ;)


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Do you think all this is just for a vacation? Mars One is doing this to establish a human colony on Mars, and not to invest billions of dollars for fun. The astronauts who undergo about 8-10 years of training. Do you call this a vacation?


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I think this thread should have been created in chit-chat section. Already one thread regarding Mars Project.
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