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Android phone under 12-15K


1. Budget? 12 - 15 K

2. Display type and size? Should have atleast a 3.5" screen

3. Form Factor? bar, slider, flip? Bar

4. Preferred choice of brand? Sony, Nokia (Not sure about Micromax and the like)

5. Preferred input method (QWERTY, touchscreen, numpad, touch-n-type). Touchscreen

6. What camera option you want? Please specify need for flash, autofocus, front facing camera. Front facing cam not required. Flash and/or Autofocus needed.

7. Preferred operating system? (Android, Symbian, iOS, Windows Phone etc). Android, Windows

8. Preferred connectivity options (3G, Wifi etc)Please specify clearly. Wifi

9. Preferred applications (Flash, Swype, GPS, etc)? GPS, Maps, Email

10. Primary use of handset (multimedia, camera, mails, internet, gaming etc)? Multimedia, Mails, Internet. Won't be playing games.

11. Any specific mobile phones in consideration? Xperia J i guess. It's available for 15599 on Sulekha, but i'll be getting the phone on EMI. And that too from Sulekha as it has EMI option for HSBC.

12. Any other info that you want to share - Want a phone with a good battery life and ICS upgradable to JB. Preferred site for buying is Sulekha (HSBC EMI option) http://mobiles.sulekha.com/mobile-phone-offers.htm


Right off the assembly line
think about xperia u better than j in processing
and if u need more memory as theres no mem card in xperia u so mmx 110 quite good and it has got a brilliant screen of 5 inches
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