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Android buying advice [unusual requirements]


Broken In
Hi guys,
I currently have a motorola atrix 2, which has now started sucking (read lagging) after two nice years. So I'm back at digit asking for advice for my next phone.

  1. Big screen (minimum size of 4.3", my moto has made me a sucker for big screens)
  2. Awesome music quality. I hate iPods, so all my music will be in here and it better be good.
  3. I don't give a damn about the camera quality. So no pains here.
  4. Shouldn't start lagging so soon like this *****.
  5. No other specifics like gaming etc. I just use my phone for usual tasks, music AND internet.
  6. For my small list of requirements I don't think I'll want to spend much. budget = 15k
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