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Hi people

waan knw wht config goes with a AMD32 processor ie i need to get a detailed config of it

as i approached some dealers and was utter disaapointd by the answers
so i would request you guys and gals to gimme a good config

My pc need be in to hard core computing like some of the oddest testing softwares ( did i scream out i love AMD as i got one for my workshop and now also got a hand on AMD64 in a exhibition) but not sure cpu speed one to go to

a dam good HDD for my data hmmm say 120 GB,

am audiopile so i wld like a good soundcard and speakres but not in the 20000Rs range ...

a good display unit ( nO LCDS)

ample ram i am thinking for a range of 1~3GB yes that too DDR....err if possible tell me about a good Video card too which has a good TV in and out function too

i know am asking alot but hey this pc is gonna stay with me for say 3 years or so but sure i wll upgrade too so make that motherboard a good compliant for upgrades atlest a good 5 PCI slots

overall i am capable of spending 40000 thats all !!!!

so its all to you my friend help me out with my config i wll be grateful to u ...thanking you


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No 40,000 is too low to get you bragging rights forget a Pc to last 3 years,
Anyway here :-
1)AMD Athlon 3700+ exists in two versions on the market: one will be based on Newcastle (0.13 micron), another on Winchester . Choose any.
2)Combile that with 939 Socket Motherboard/ Ok 754 Least.
3) A Creative Audigy 2 Zs sound Card
4)Corsier 4X 512 Mb @ 500Mhz
5) 19" Samsung Syncmaster
6) Microsoft wireless Combo ( Keybord+mouse)
7) Western Digital 180Gb Serial ..
8) Antec or Lia Ling Cabinet
9) Credit Card ..Visa or Mastercard

Now mix the ingredients to get a good flavour and serve HOT


Add 15k more 2 your budget n we can give u a rocking config :lol:

9) Credit Card ..Visa or Mastercard
Now mix the ingredients to get a good flavour and serve HOT

Hey i liked that.......... :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:

That must be the most important card u ought 2 have 4 your system........ :lol:


Booting Nicotine!!

hey but u guys are to techno specific i need some help there too

i thought of taking the gigabyte A7NXP MoBo

any help on that ...and i havent been in touch of the latest development of the processors so i need some help there in too like wats the voltage req for the processors and the motherboards

see i am confused i am getting a SMPS of 430 watts but not sure abt the motherboard SPECIFIC and hey wats the thing to be checked other than the pocket money while buying a good HDD

moreover i am not into the things like a 19 inchd screen

i need a system that can withstand the loads!
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