1. Desmond

    IBM layoffs strike first in India; workers describe cuts as 'slaughter' and 'massive'

    If I were in IBM this would be a nightmare come true. Source : IBM layoffs strike first in India; workers describe cuts as 'slaughter' and 'massive' :: Editor's Blog at WRAL Tech Wire
  2. Harsh Pranami

    Speed cap on trains passing through up main line if construction work is going in down line

    I know this question sounds bizarre but believe me currently this question's answer is all that I care. So please if you have a relative working as railway employee, ask this question to him/her and post here. Please,please it's urgent.. Suppose if a blasphemy (BCM) machine is laying a geo grid...
  3. $$Lionking$$

    AMD hires firm to get laid off workers jobs -

    AMD (NYSE:AMD) has done something nice for thousands of laid off workers, they hired a firm to provide them with tips, opportunities, and other things to speed them along to productive employment. The first of the conference calls is scheduled for later today. At 4PM CST today, with a follow...
  4. din

    Vanara Sena chief get what he deserve :)

    Remember Vanara Sena chief ? That moral police guy Pramod Muthalik. He got what he deserve and I am sure majority will agree too :) Source - Just what he deserved Revenge is a dish best served cold, they say. Well, a full year after then-unknown outfit Sri Ram Sene assaulted several women...
  5. Cool G5

    Brit office workers to be allowed 10 minute 'Facebook Break'!

    Bosses in Britian have decided to impose a new rule in the workplace which will allow employees a 'Facebook break' of 10 minutes a day. The decision has been taken after a research suggested that Britain's economy is suffering thanks to workers surfing social networking sites, reports The...
  6. ax3

    google KICKS OUT 10,000 ppl

    Google may be preparing to lay off thousands of workers, if a Silicon Valley information service is to be believed. WebGuild cites anonymous inside sources as saying up to 10,000 Google jobs could be on the way out, with smaller scale layoffs already underway. Quiet Cutbacks "Hundreds" of...
  7. H

    Dubai's illegal workers-MUST SEE!!!!

    These are photos which shows the plight of workers smuggled (literally) from INDIA,PAKISTAN,etc to be the workhorses of rich Shieks(Rich a**ho*les) These are real Ya'll know burj dubai right? the tallest building in dubai...
  8. satyamy

    Need Machine for Incomming & Outgoing Attendance.....?

    My Friend has an office He want a machine for making attendance of incomming & outgoing of his workers He has seen in some office that their is a machine & some software from which the workers has to swap their card on entry & exit & when they do this their times automatically get entered in PC...
  9. joey_182

    Desktop Workers Risk blod clots

    read in newspaper.. source
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