[Complaint] Amazon Seller DaksonMart


Hello, I bought a WD Purple 1 TB HDD from Amazon Seller DaksonMart around 2 weeks back. The HDD I recieved was DOA. I checked it's SMART fields in CrystalDiskInfo and it was a genuine purple drive but one of the fields had an exceedingly high error count, which is why Disk couldnt be initialized. Power on count etc indicated it was a brand new drive. So I thought it might have been a genuine mistake and asked for a replacement.

The second HDD I recieved had the WD Purple sticker but it was actually a caviar blue 320 GB. These shady fucking guys have been running some sort of scam. I immediately asked for refund (since it was amazon fulfilled).

Hopefully refund comes without any worries. Ill order another from a cloudtail.


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Thanks for sharing. Always try to stick with cloudtail and appario retail.
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