Alienware 17 R4 gaming PC not booting up screen is blank and Alienware head turn on button changes colours


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I have a Alienware 17 R4 that does not start up normally I have to keep pressing the laptop turn on key or keep the button of the Alienware head pressed 10 to 15 times until it turns on and then it does not always work fine once I managed to turn it on and worked for a good 2 hours before I myself shut it off then I could get it to boot again second after trying the above method I managed to turn it on again but within 5 mins of me trying to play a movie the PC shutdown itself why is this happening ? I did a BIOs start up diagnostic when the system booted up once the diagnostic said I have no hardware problems so what is wrong with my Laptop I am pretty annoyed with this laptop since out of the box when it arrived it has this problem with the Killer network card desrupting all WiFi signals in the house installing latest drivers from the killer network website does not seem to help either for a such a expensive laptop I hoped this laptop will be atleast without issues out of the box.


What is the exact config? Post complete information along with screenshot of sensors in HwInfo64. How old is it? If it is under warranty, try for a replacement.
Delete all Killer softwares to solve WiFi issues.
How Do I Remove The Killer Control Center? – (Stop at step 5)

Somethings to try:
- Contact Dell & see what they say.
- Maybe try disconnecting battery for a min, press power button (hold it for few secs) & reconnect battery later
- Remove RAM & reinsert it.
- Use just 1 RAM

I agree that Alienwares aren't worth it at all. I have successfully swayed a friend away from Alienware, at least he won't have to suffer.


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I think the problem is with the laptop turn on key. Somehow it may be pressed a little or stuck internally or malfunctioning.


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What should I do to fix it then if that is the case.

There's lots of YT videos on your laptop model. See if those can help you to fix it or rake professional.

These are to just get you an idea. If you think it's not possible seek professional help. If Power button circuit board is malfunctioning then you need to fix it with professional help.
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