About is a browser-based game where the player must increase the size of of their own circular cell by engulfing other player’s cells. The game is notable for its simple addictive gameplay. It gets its name from Agar, a substance found in cell walls of certain algae.
History was originally created by a user of 4chan’s /v/ (Video Games) board where it was first posted on April 28, 2015.[1] The domain name was registered the same day, after it was proposed by an anonymous poster.[6] The game was submitted to Steam Greenlight on May 3, where it was promptly approved.[4]

In, the player is a cell with the objective of growing larger by engulfing pellets (Agar) as well as other players. The player can split into smaller cells by pressing the space bar or colliding with viruses. The player can also shoot parts of their cell at other players by pressing W. Players can apply a skin to their cells by selecting certain hidden keywords as their nickname, including Doge, Wojak, 4chan, 8chan (under 8ch), and 9gag.

I swear its fun.
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