A Gaming Controller under 1,500


Hey guys,
I have under Rs.1,500 to spend and need a gaming controller( Like MS XBOX 360 controller)
I will be using it to play mostly the game FIFA 12. I will use it on my PC (no xbox or ps3). I am currently looking at microsoft's offering. Are there any better options?
Online buy with free shipping will be more comfortable.


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Microsoft XBOX 360 wired controller for arounf Rs 1300 not sure for prices in your place but this one is best.


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~1500/- budget xbox controller is the best one available that I can think about. Available ~1300/- and is the best choice for you.


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:cry::cry::cry:sorry for this question..
i bought xbox 360 wired controller at 1200 in chennai..(2 weeks back)
i have to depend on third party software to play with that like pinnacle
game software..
are there any solutions or driver software for my problemmm...:cry::cry::cry:


Okay, Xbox wired controller it is.
But is there any difference between the black and white ones?
I find the white ones more costly. I will be buying from flip cart(currently out of stock)
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