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9800 gt graphics card problem


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I have a 9800gt nvidea geforce graphics card and my system is a quadcore system running xp.
i installed assasins creed game a month before and it was working fine!.
now when i open the game , the intro comes and then the monitor turns off.
I cant predict what the problem is.
Help me .Thx in advance !!!!!!!!!
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describe the problem in details. monitor turns off or the game crashes? monitor shouldn't turn off when you start a game even if the monitor have problem. most probably your PSU have got problem or your card is overheating.

BTW, what is your system config. just saying Gefore 9800GT & quad core carries almost no meaning. specially the brand of the card & PSU. Out of these 2, one looks to be having a bad time.
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please give your full system specs (in detail) and also explain the nature of your problem. A monitor cannot turn off by anything you do on the PC. Do you mean there is no display or just that the game isn't running.

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goodness sam, I loaded the thread before you posted and posted exactly the same thing again. Sorry guys.
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