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3rd party coolers for CPU and GPU

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A relative from abroad is coming soon and since I have overclocked my system and temperatures of CPU range from 55-57deg cent on load and for GPU between 60 to 70 deg cent on load, I have decided to import cooling devices for both my Athlon 64 3000+ CPU and 6800GS GPU. Since cooling devices are rarely available in India, I have to import. I have shortlisted one for CPU and for GPU. Can you give your opinions as to which ones I should buy, if different from the ones mentioned below?

CPU: Arctic Cooling Freezer 64 pro

GPU:NV silencer 5 rev3
Zalman VF-900 Cu

I hope this will keep my system cool. 8)

Another thing, if these are available in India (I doubt it), please tell.


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now for cpu .. 1. zalman cnps 9500 led - covers all platforms -- damn good performance ..

2. thermaltake big typhoon
3.scythe ninja
4. thermalright xp 120c

my personal favourite is zalman cnps 9500 led .. even critically acclaimed by many many sites .. size is also small than all the above one ..

none of the above is available in INDIA ...


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digitized said:
@ashfame: Zalman CNPS 9500LED costs approx $58 in USA (newegg price). It is not available here (I think) as yogi7272 mentioned.


You may try sites like theitdepot.com for buying things like CPU/GPU coolers and even water cooling kits online within India.

But I should say that I don't know about the reliability of the site or how reasonable their prices are.

Just wanted to mention that such things are available in India.


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We only have COOLER MASTER and ANTEC products here in india and they are overpriced .. also none of the cooler master cpu coolers are considered exceptional abroad .. the ones i have mentioned are best of the best along with arctic freezer cooling pro .. also there's new one .. i dont remember its name now .. will let u know later .. also itdepot is selling antec and cooler master stuff which is priced more than their street price here in mumbai..

even i am using cooler master ultra vortex for my socket 478 3.2 prescoot .. just to keep it within safe temp limits .. cooler master is good but only for stock settings .. for oc u better take one of the mentioned .. and for gpu take zalman one.. its damn good ..
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