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The government will hold the much-awaited 3G spectrum auction for GSM operators on December 7 and invite bids from October 26 to November 13. With the pre-bid meet with the prospective bidders scheduled for October 12, the bidding process for the five slots could well be underway from October 26.
The auction for EVDO (CDMA version of 3G) and Broadband Wireless Access would be held two days after of the 3G auction. The government hopes to get about Rs 25,000 crore from the auction.
According to reports, the bids would be invited from October 26 to November 13. With the pre-bid scheduled for October 12, those interested would be able to submit their queries regarding the auction process by October 8.
The pre-bid meet would discuss the process and schedule of the auction of spectrum or radio frequency, to roll out 3G services.
Finally some relief! :rolleyes:


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Good News ..Let's hope this time it doesn't get delayed. Earlier this was to happen in January 2009 now in December 2009........a full year huh!

and I already know this is INDIA!!


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Reliance and TATA INDICOM 's Photon which has 3.1 mbps speed and belong to EVDO REV-A, has been already started.. Where as when BSNL try to launch EVDO _REV-0 Which has speed of 2.4 mbps two years ago , same was objected by TRAI EVDO require 3G license, hence declare BSNL service was illegal..this stopped the BSNL plan for EVDO and where the services were started could not be completed, for want of clarification..
Now TRAI and DOT shut their eyes even the both private players has no 3 G license but BSNL had it..
Is this a ploy to intimate other private service providers, that the 3 G license has already in thier pocket.. and other don't have to bother to participate in Tender?
If so , No body other than the cartel formed by the above two will participate in Tender and the bidding will not touch above the minimum.. In this scenerio, we are expecting another **** !!!
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