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3G and BWA(WiMax) auction dates confirmed !

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Yes after several postponments and indecisiveness over the availability of spectrum and auction, the government has identified April 9 as the new date for 3G auctions and Wimax bidding would begin two days after the close of 3G auction.The government has already issued Notice Inviting Tenders(NIA) and timeline fixed for the bidding process.Govenment is expecting a gross revenue of Rs 30,000 - 40,000 crore. As per the DoT plan, 3G auction was scheduled for mid-February, but spectrum for starting the service would have been allocated only around August-September 2010. The spectrum which is to distributed to the telecom service providers is yet to be vacated by the defense forces.If all things go well and if we're lucky then we should get out hands on 3G by the end of 2010.

Here is the timeline fixed for the process of auction of 3G.
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