3d tv suggestion?


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I had a plasma TV that just broke one week ago.
I am now thinking about getting a 3d tv.
One of my close friends told me to get a passive 3d tv but I am a noob at these things.
Can anyone give me a suggestion?


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Passive 3d sets do have an edge over active 3D as they are light weighted than active and also you won't come across any flicker and crosstalk while using the passive glasses.
At present Toshiba and LG are using passive 3D sets so you can have a look at both the models and then decide as per your budget and requirement.


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Hey sarinsarin it's LG WRman Greg here!

Your friend gave you a good advice, you should definitely get a passive 3D TV. Passive 3D gives you a great experience, close to the one you get in the movie theater. In fact, LG has a line of TVs called cinema 3D that is mind-blowing. On top of the passive 3D technology that allows you to watch 3D movies with light, comfortable and above all flicker-free glasses, you get an almost frameless TV which helps the viewer focus more on the image itself. This brings you the closest 3D home experience to the cinema that you can get. In fact, LG has been awarded with a 2012 Edison Award in the ""content display"" category. The smart TV will bring you also an almost infinite content with great applications like facebook, twitter or skype. My advice to you would be the LM8600 which is the top of the cinema 3D line.

If you have any more questions feel free to ask or check out the official site for more info at LG Electronics India: TVs, Mobile Phones & Appliances.

LG WRman Greg out!
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