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3D Blueray disc availability in India


Right off the assembly line
I am looking for a 3D Blueray movies in India (india region). I knew Sony is giving away 9 3D Blueray discs free with its 3DTVs. But I bought a Samsung 3DTV 4 months back and unfortunately Samsung is not giving even a single DEMO 3D Blueray. Too bad. So anyone knows if any 3D blueray discs available in market to purchase in India, that I can watch in my 3DTV ?

Not sure if Samsung will start giving 3D bluerays by seeing Sony.


Broken In
I don't know exactly but still can suggest that you have to check on official sites of samsung,moserbear etc. It should be available coz India is big IT market....


Right off the assembly line
India is big IT market, but still these things takes lot of time to reach here.
Except the 9 3D Blueray discs what Sony ships, I dont see this available anywhere. I have sent queries to samsung too, but no good response so far.
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