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2GB & 4GB Ram will support or not


I am using DDR 3 2GB ram of Kingston and i an planning to upgrade my ram to 6GB by buying 4GB ram will the two (2GB and 4GB) going to support or not..

Plz HELP....


Cyborg Agent
are you planning to get 4GB x 1 or 2GB x 3 ??
If you have 4 DIMM slots , go for 2GB x 3 way


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@ OP
Yes it will support but you should rather consider to follow Anil's Advice. It that case it will perform better. Get 2GB*3.


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installing a new stick or two with old one gives BSOD sometimes & other errors.

@manab_bikash, take the CPU to shop & ask them to install 4Gb ram as a stick or 2X2Gb kit (if you have 4 DIMM slots) & check if PC boots up nicely. thats the best way i know.
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