25 minute fun in Blender....

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It started as a fun session with blender's sculpt tool and I suddenly realised what I wanted the initially UV-sphere, to look like - A starfish. Here's what I achieved in 15 mins(just the modelling bit).

Texturing done in blender, and rendered using Blender's internal renderer. Background and gaussian blur, bubbles added in GIMP.

Star fish Texture made in GIMP.
CC welcome... :)

Eh ?? 32 views but no comments ?? Strange.... Either its soo bad that people don't wanna comment or they think that its a waste of time :| Anyway...... Thanks for the views atleast.....

I asked for some constructive critique...... Was it asking for too much ?
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The modelling is fair enough. What level of multires was used? The starfish is supposed to be cartoonish and from that point of view, it's quite good. Indeed there doesn't seem to be anything wrong at all. :)


The Devil
Nice work. I'm new to modelling. Right now I'm just concentrating on rendering than modelling. The following one was done in Maya using mental ray.

The next one is done in Maya using Maya's own software render.

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