14" laptop Buying for ~60K


Right off the assembly line
laptop Buying India Around 70K

Dear All,

I am listing my requirements / and optionals. Pls kindly help in making the right purchase.

Finally Pls do specify which Model you are suggesting and why and what would be the recommended place to buy like online offline and any deals / discounts? I intend to buy in India and use in India mostly.

Thank you for your patience and time and replies. Your suggestions would be helping me finally make a choice and go ahead.

Operating System: Any

RAM / Memory Slots
Should be DDR3 with 2 memory slots
Minimum 8GB in one slot so that if needed another slot could be upgraded to make overall 16 GB

Graphics: On borad will do

Must be ATLEAST i5
The higher the version of generation like 5th or 6th the better

Hard Disk

I am fine with normal HDD because SSD would drive up cost significantly. However if HDD is hybrid like my office ThinkPad T430 it helps to boost faster and hence highly desirable and preferable

Few Key Points

# Should be portable and should have good battry backup

Screen size:Must be 14" or less

Weight and Size
Should not be too bulky or too much weight. Not expecting ultra-light or thin

Touch Screen
Not a must have feature. If it’s there fine but does not have any preference

Battery Life
Should be decent enough. Nothing much here

Flexible. Happy to spend from 50K to 70K. Can stretch further if needed as it would be one purchase I won’t be able to make in next 2-3 years for sure and hence very skeptical and seek your valuable recommendations

Brand Preference
Not really as I might be ignorant. But believe Lenovo to be better than HP Dell and Acer to be least preferable. But still would reply on your suggestions and not my preference.

Joining a B school and would need a laptop


Right off the assembly line
thanks anupam_pb. This is really usefull

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