1. Choto Cheeta

    ZAP 6 not allowing phpBB forum post's image display

    I am unable to view any image (like uploaded sreccshots or any image posted with {img} code..).. while ZAP 6 is turned on... I am using winXP SP2 up2date... FF 1.0.7 IE 7.... i have set the FF & IE programs in ZAP to highest trusted lavel... but still no efect... any way by whiche i can make...
  2. T

    Firewall Leak Test

    I thought someone had already psoted this , but i couldn't find it anyways , lots of questions abt firewalls have been coming up, even with an existing thread running however lets make it easy u think ur firewall is the best ? prove it! take these extensive series of tests located her...
  3. mariner

    xp,zone alarm or me?

    i had zone alarm pro 5.5 and after geting continous popups for update to new version i finally decided to upgrade to zap 6. after installing i found out that kaspersky auto updates are not running.even after manually trying to update kav i was not successful. so i manually configured zap to...
  4. Choto Cheeta

    ZAP not allowing autoupdate

    on my winXP SP2 system i have Zone Alarm Pro installed... but i cant configure it to allow autoupdate to download updates.... i can see (* that updates r there to be download.... so i have to download them manualy.... pls someone tell me how to config ZAP to...
  5. T

    most user friendly and most secure firewall???

    hello ppl, i am using zone alarm pro 5.5 but i am having problems with my it torrent problems which most others in other bittorent forums concluded that it was problem with my zap 5.5 as it was not very compatible with bit torrent appz.. so my question is which is the best firewall in terms of...
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