1. Skyh3ck

    Wrist Watch Suggestion requried

    Hello friends I am looking to buy a new wrist watch may be buying online or from shop, just need to know how reliable is online shops for watches, there are few casio watshes, are they real, also how is Giordano, Rico Sordi, Dezine and other companies, are they good, also how is Sonata...
  2. I

    Noticed pain in wrist, advice wrist pad or mouse pls

    I have been recently noticing some pain in my right wrist(the right side of my wrist) which is my mouse hand. Fearing that I might be developing RSI, I would like to buy a wrist pad. I'm currently using simply a notepad with a cardboard back as a mouse pad with the mouse as a Microsoft Comfort...
  3. KiLL

    Help about watch-phones..

    Yesterday while returning home i saw a man who was talking to a Wrist WATCH!!!o_O Then i asked him he told that it was a wrist phone watch...:O I was pretty much interested and it was a bit coool.. Please sugfest me some within 4-5k.. Chinese will do.. Also pls post link
  4. B

    Best Mouse pad with wrist support

    Hi, Please suggest the best mouse pad with wrist support available in the market. Suffering from wrist pain due to prolonged mouse usage on hard table surface. Regards
  5. Eutuxia

    wrist watch for pulse n Bloodpressure

    Hey Guys i want TO buy A WRIST WATCH which can monitor users pulse n Bloodpressure Please suggest me which will be available in india
  6. CentaurDream

    Anti-static wrist strap

    Hi. I am trying to find an anti-static wrist strap. Can anyone inform me where to get one?
  7. MatchBoxx

    Android powered awesum wrist watch! :D

    Wow! Amazing specsheet! Check this out! Android for Your Wrist: WIMM Unveils Wearable Computing Modules | PCWorld
  8. P

    Wrist watches on Rediff, Ebay or Indiatimes ??

    Hello all, Can anyone tell me which is best place to purchase wrist watches (Gents & ladies) from below sites. (Max Range - 500-1000 Rs per watch) www.ebay.in www.shopping.rediff.com www.shopping.indiatimes.com I would like to know personal experience of users as most watches looks...
  9. C

    How can I discharge stored up static electricity from my hands?

    How can I remove static electricity stored in my hands? No wrist straps please.
  10. hayabusa_ryu

    Hepl me in Buying a WRIST WATCH

    Hey guys, I m planning to buy a wrist watch for myself. My budget is approx. 5000/-. Which brand/ model will suit me? My age is of 20 years. How about Timex Retrograde or SLX? Any other ideas? Waiting for reply................... Thanx
  11. P

    need to gift a wrist watch but which company

    well I need to gist a wrist watch to my brother in Law . But which watch. Please tell me with model name also if u can . Budget is RS2000 .
  12. abhishek_sharma

    mp3 player accessories question..please help

    my t.sonic 610 comes with 2 accessories, whose use i dont knw properly: 1.)a ferrite core 2.)a wrist band and pouch i am totally at a loss abt the ferrite core and also dont knw how to use the wrist band..please help!!!
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