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Hey guys, I m planning to buy a wrist watch for myself. My budget is approx. 5000/-. Which brand/ model will suit me? My age is of 20 years. How about Timex Retrograde or SLX? Any other ideas?

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saurabh kakkar

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+1 Titan Fastrack or Go for Swatch even I wana buy it :D my bro has one Swatch watch and its Dam Cool :D
Can u give me 2k from 5k :D may be we both will able to buy a watch :D


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I'd suggest Casio Chronograph MTP4500D-1A. Dunno how much It costs in India. I wanted to get this one, instead I got Casio Edifice Bracelet hoping the thermometer would be cool. But the stupid thermometer gets heated up with body heat n shows wrong temperature... :mad:


Casio Chronograph MTP4500D-1A


Edifice Bracelet


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I have a Swatch. You'll get Swatch for 5k but they won't look good, IMO. Swatch starts from 4k here, afaik.

The best option is to go for Casio or Titan (if you want formal look).


Thanks guyz,

@UTSAV, Can't afford Rolex man. They r higher priced.

@NISH, I don't like gold plated watch (these r generally worn by upper age people, I want a watch for my age group) nor fastrack for their so funky looks. I like simple design watches with decent/eye candy look with chronograph just like TIMEX Retrograde. Have u seen Timex SLX or Retrograde?

@ SAURABH, Sorry brother I can't do this. :D. Like u I also have dream of wearing ROLEX watch in my wrist but...........


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man i was asking abt analog\digital.anyways that timex that imav wears looks great.
@ amitava plz tell the prices of those beauties :)
swatch chrono would not look that cool but they are good watches.check their webpage


Thanx friends for ur advices.

@NISH, I like analog watches.

@Amitava, Yes These kinds of watches I m looking for. Now I m going to search for their latest version.

@DRUDGE, Exactly what I wanted to say about SWATCH (within my price range).


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Well I have a Swatch Irony chrono- got it for 5k or so but its really worth it. It has a semi-formal look too.


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Rolex for 5k. Its shocking. Utsav, can you specify the model no plz.

Hayabosa, keep your eye open and try to avail some discounts. You might end up with a much better watch that way.


i too got a swatch...its a chrono with a black dial and a full aluminium body....tis got a stretchable aluminium band wih a lock as well,no screws at all...there's not even a single opening at the back too....the battery fits in from the outside itself....its pretty cool IMO....and it looks equally good over a pair of khakhis as it does over some rugged jeans...it costed me about 5.5k...dunno the exact model number though....came in a cool leather box too....
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