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  1. mikael_schiffer

    Qustions regarding the One Plus 3T camera

    I have seen some websites where the reviewer/journalist says the selfie camera has gone worse. The 16mpx front cam is extremely noisy and blurry compared to the old 8mpx of One Plus 3 And then there is the gsmarena.com review of One Plus 3T. Everyone in the comment section including me felt...
  2. R2K

    Will the LCD screen crack get worse

    My LCD screen of desktop PC got a small crack after it got hit by a falling table fan near it. The crack is small kinda like a dot made with a sketch pen or small marker. Willl the crack get worse and damage the monitor if we continue to use it ?
  3. N

    Quality of HP BrightView display

    I want to know about the quality of HP LED Brightview display. Is it better/ worse than Dell and Lenovo?
  4. lywyre

    Switching from Airtel to Docomo or BSNL

    Have been with Airtel for more than 7 years and they have gone from good to bad to worse, both network and their service. And they seem not to care about us at all. They don't care if our messages get delivered (yes, the Aircel issue). What happened to 'Every friend is ..'. Enough said and I...
  5. T

    Antivirus protection worse than a year ago

    The effectiveness of antivirus software has fallen off, and more and more pests can now slip past these barriers. This is the sobering conclusion the german computer magazine c't comes to in issue 1/08 with a test on 17 antivirus solutions. For the first time, c't also tested the behavioural...
  6. A

    Geforce 7600 gt 256 or 512 mb agp?

    Sorry for topic .. I meant GS NOT GT I don't know which one to choose coz I heard that the memory and all are lower and even the fps in games is worse than in the 256 version.. so which one do I go for? This will also be my last agp card.
  7. K

    Piracy Right or Wrong?

    Piracy is the one evil which is considered much worse than our indian ministers! But is it really that bad, I mean you get the softwares and games for pocket prices, you dont burn your pockets! But again it cuts off a huge revenue off the owner of that particular game or software and you are...
  8. A

    Serious Sam 2 on ATi GPU

    Hi I ran the game with my CPU at 2.55 and using mem divider 333 1T. It was lagging, bad enough to be worse than unplayable. The game was fine at 10X7 Med with rare stuttering, but it was really really bad at higher settings. This is worse than my 6600GT. CCC - default settings. It was the...
  9. G

    Internet speed

    Hi can anyone please help? These days my net speed has become very poor I checked up the telephone line it is ok, but why it has become suddenly worse, my friends connection from the same ISP BSNL is ok?
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