1. GhorMaanas

    PS4 from US

    Hello everyone! me and a friend are contemplating buying PS4 this month, placing order on amazon US, getting the consoles shipped to his cousin's address who would then get them to us later this month. i have some queries on that (newbie regarding new-gen consoles)....hopefully someone would...
  2. furious_gamer

    Can i use XBox Controller for both PC and Console?

    The title itself clerly explains, Can i use XBox Controller for both PC and Console? I have an XBox Controller for PC, and i am going to buy an XBox w/o controller. That is the reason i am asking this question.
  3. B

    What kind of laptops still use Windows XP ?

    I want to buy a laptop but I dont like Vista. Its too confusing for me and I hate microsoft for getting rid of the old operating system. Is there a way to still get a laptop w/o getting Vista on it? I was even thinking of getting a used laptop but dont know the best place to get one. Acai Thermo
  4. Zangetsu

    Crysis Not Working....

    Hi All gamers, I have copied the installed files of crysis on my pc frm frnd's.... & now when i double click the crysis.exe nothin happens.... no error msg etc....but he said we can directly play it w/o install.... wats the problem???? do i miss some registry setup..... I m...
  5. booobooo

    How Do I Format My Second Hard Drive

    I Have Two Hard Drives. One Is Primary And The Other Is The Slave. How Can I Quickly Format My Second Drive So That It Is Clean With No Partitions As I Want To Use It As A Back-Up Dump. Can It be Formatted W/o Having To Put An OS Over There. Will The Computer Recognize It. I Use WinXP Media...
  6. nishantv2003

    Overclock E6750 to 4.0GHz???

    Guys, how can i make my e6750 to reach 4GHz??? i made it reach 3.7GHz w/o any problems, but when i set multiplier to 1900 from 1850 and make it 3.8ghz, the windows does not start. the screen stops and dumping of files or something starts. guys i just want it to reach 4ghz for 10-20 mins w/o...
  7. slugger

    2 tell d mem abt reported post?

    is it necessary 2 tell a user dat his/her post is being reported it is esp significant 4 section dat involve post counts wish 2 keep my post count without any non-relevent posts so i reported a post just now w/o tellin d mem at it wen d mem Cs it in diff topic will understand immediately...
  8. gauravakaasid

    Google bomb or goof-up??

    got this piece of hilarious info in a mail forward: go to google search n type "she invented" w/o the quotes of-course just look at the results!!:lol: if this has been posted before, mods may delete this thread
  9. I

    Gpu- Guyz Please Help Urgent!

    i have msi nvidia 6600 gt heres the pic: http://www.3dnews.ru/documents/12529/MSI6600GT-front.jpg now the gpu fan got burnt so i have replaced iy with a 80mm fan stuck it on top. it keeps around 55 deg w/o load but while playing it goes above 100, can anyone gimme a better way to keep temp...
  10. R

    Should I go for these HP Digital Cameras?

    Anybody tried HP Digital cameras? I've a friend and he gave me following prices a per a corporate discount: Was planning to buy a Canon A series from US, but my big bro forgot while coming. So, for the time being I'm planning for a budget camera which can be utilized as web cam with...
  11. S

    Asus vs Gigabyte

    hi guyz help me out plz i'm getting the Athlon XP 2600+ barton core. now my dealer is recommending me Gigabyte's GA-7N400V-L with very good on board features but it's not on AMD's recommended list(maybe cause it's new... i don't know why) now i also got Asus's A7N8X w/o the IGP but it's...
  12. jpushkarh

    Partatining & File System

    I have 74 GB Segate HDD Case 1 1 gb FAT32 for Windows 98 w/o Program Files 4 gb NTFS for windows xp w/o Program files 10 gb Fat 32 for program files 10 gb Fat 32 for Video collection 10 gb Fat 32 for My music 10 gb Fat 32 for My Documents 10 gb NTFS for My Setups Collection 10...
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