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  1. JohnephSi

    flv to 3gp

    hy guys its goin 2 b a challange problem 4 us. the problem is that i cannot conver flv to 3gp using some softwares like FLV to AVI MPEG WMV 3GP MP4 iPod Converter ,Total Video Converter etc....bot can play using flv player....how 2 convert 2 3gp.....help
  2. M

    HTC P3400i not playing WMV

    Hi, I have a HTC P3400i phone. I have downloaded a wmv file on it using bluetooth FTP service. Now when I try to play that wmv file on it. It only plays the audio but doesn't show the video. Where as when I play the same file on my laptop then its playing absolutely fine. What am I doing...
  3. Sridhar_Rao

    Simpler wmv to mpg conversion

    There are some wmv video files that I need to convert into mpg (mpg-2) or similar (NTSC-DVD or NTSC-VCD) formats. To convert there are two softwares, one is the super and other is ulead video studio. Conversion using the former results in poorer quality but the latter takes at least 4 hours to...
  4. shady_inc

    Problem with wmv files in ubuntu.

    Greetings.!! Today, I tried playing some wmv files in gutsy gibbon but Totem failed to play them at all .. just a blank screen. VLC just closed down when I tried to play the file.After scourging the net a bit, I found something like changing Output Modules to X11 to make it work.Did that and...
  5. M

    play wmv files s60v3

    guys i have a nokia n95 8gb.. i have a corecodec player for playing mpg files, smartmovie for avi files, realplayer(inbuilt) for real media files i want a player for wmv files for my n95 8gb (s60v3).. and also if possible an all in one player which plays all of thse files... pls suggest... i...
  6. G

    Need to change AVI to WMV!

    Hello all, I have some AVI video files that I need to convert into WMV files for my client. Does anyone know of the fastest one out there that is free or has a free trial so I can at least test it before purchasing? Thanks!
  7. aQi_g

    Which format to choose while converting video files so that they can play on my vcd ?

    I downlaoded 'Digital vedio converter'software from www.protectedsoft.com, i can Import from any video file such as AVI, DIVX, XVID, MP4, MPG, WMV, ASF, MOV, etc.and can convert to file formats like AVI (DivX, XviD, MPEG-4, H264), MPEG (MPEG-1, MPEG-2, VCD, SVCD, DVD), WMV, QuickTime ( MOV...
  8. anniyan

    WMV to iPod movie converter

    hi all, I tried some converting tools to convert wmv to .mov or mp4 but the output audio and video are our of sync. I tried four tools(imtoo,total video converter,videozilla..) but all output audio & video are out of sync. Please suggest me a good conversion tool or please guide me to sort out...
  9. C

    Leadtek 7950gx2 Is For Sale

    LEADTEK 7950GX2 IS FOR SALE 6months used .it is in the excellent condition and the card is in warranty period of two and a half years (reason for selling the card - want to get a 8800gtx) contains the original retail box, all the original CDs,DVI to VGA adaptor, HDTV cable, Serious...
  10. ashu888ashu888

    WMV to Div X

    Guys, I hv movies in wmv format, is there any s/warew tat will let me convert from wmv to div x format ?? And by doing this, will the quality of the movies increase/be better coz i hv a div x format movie adn it is as smooth in resolution as well in viewing full screen on my LCD monitor...
  11. msnways1

    Windows media player problem

    :mad: Im unable to view wmv files in windows player. I can play other video files with no problem. but few files I can hear sound and can see video also but video is with blue, red, green colors only. I cant see above mentioned wmv file in normal colors. I can play watch same wmv file in VLC...
  12. RCuber

    HD Video Sluggish For 720p & Above

    I have downloaded a few HD trailer for testing My GFX card. It has MOV extension and the video stream is encoded avc1 coded at a resolution of 1920x800, the source from which I downloaded states that its a 1080p HD . I have a P4 520 Processor ( 2.8 & HT ) and RAM is 768MB , I also have a nVidia...
  13. J

    Increase the clarity of WMV format movies

    Dear friend i have downloaded some movies and vido clips all are in WMV format (may be to reduce the size they compressed to WMV format) but the clarity is very poor please any body suggest good software or technique to improve the clarity of the WMV files with thanks jc
  14. Charley

    WMV to MPG convertor software

    I have lots of wmv files and need to convert them to the mpg format. The software should be resource friendly and do the job without the loss of quality or quantity from the video. Any links ?
  15. satyamy

    Which license does wmv file need........?

    I was trying to play some wmv file in Window Media Player 9 but it ask to download some license to play which license they need i tried to play it in VLC Player but it shows only different different red, blue, green, black colours block as like the video is being corrupt n not the picture is...
  16. T

    Post Free HD Video sources..

    I came to know about WMV HD few days back and downloaded entire WMV HD Content Showcase from MS site, and hdmovs from APPLE HD GAlLLERY. Now guys tell me other legal/free sources to download HD videos[720p], which can be downloaded in download manager. Please don't recomend sites allowing...
  17. T

    how to convert/play DRM protected wmv video file

    i hav downloded a wmv video file. when i tyr to play the file,it is showing that tha file is DRM(digital rights management) protected.. can any1 help me in opening or converting this file...plzzzzz thanx in advance
  18. C

    DRM wmv files

    i recently downloaded sone wmv files from net. but the files are not played by any player. they say its DRM protected and I need to contact website of host for the nesessary permissions. Is there any other way to view these files
  19. E

    wmv to mpeg converter

    how do i convert wmv files into mpeg...is there any freeware available for download???
  20. iMav

    ulead and wmv

    i got 2 vids in wmv format and many in mpg and avi .... i use ulead video studio 10 to convert them for my pod ..... but for these two wmv clips it always frezzes at 33% for 1 and 40% for the other .... the videos play perfect wat cud b the problem and also the solution
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