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windows 10

  1. S

    Elan Touchpad scrolling Problem

    My touchpad scrolls too much in certain software, specifically the mendeley application. I tried reducing scroll speed, and all the general things that can be done to reduce the speed of scrolling. The changes I make has effect on other areas like general explorer scrolling or in Mozilla etc...
  2. sidtechster

    Graphics driver update for Windows 10

    I am currently running Windows 7 Ultimate 64-bit edition on my desktop. It has a AMD graphics card running on Catalyst 15.7 driver. My question is, what should be the approach to upgrade to Windows 10 so that there is no driver conflict. Both AMD and Nvidia will launch final revised drivers...
  3. P

    Windows 10 with old recover

    Will installing windows 10 insider preview on another partition affect my old windows 7 recovery?
  4. harshilsharma63

    anyone using Windows 10?

    Hi guys. I have to reinstall the OS in my system and I'm thinks ng aboyt using Windows 10 TP as the primary OS. I woyld lile to know if anyone is using Wondows 10 as their primary OS can report how atable the latest builds and if it's okay for daily use.re a
  5. $hadow

    Official Windows 10 Thread: Installation and Issues (check first post)

    -PREREQUISITE- -INSTALLATION- Install using Media Creation Toolkit (if you don't want windows to automatically update) Install if the automatic update fails for any reason or if you want to download esd file manually and install. Next step: Free up some space on your Operating System...
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