1. d3p

    [Praise] Logitech Service - Neoteric Informatics

    Well, my Logitech G27 brake pedals went kaput on last week & i have submitted the item for RMA to Neoteric Informatics Pvt. Ltd @ Wilson Garden, Bangalore. Address of Neoteric : Wilson Garden, Bangalore No.8/3 (251), Ground Floor & 1ST Floor, Above Nilgiris, 11th Main Road,13th Cross...
  2. morpheusv6

    Microsoft drops few clues about IE8

    May 02, 2007 (Computerworld) Microsoft Corp. dodged questions this week at the Mix07 Web developer conference about when it plans to update its Internet Explorer browser to Version 8. During a session on the development of its current browser, IE7, Chris Wilson, Microsoft's platform...
  3. chicha

    Dudes from bangalore

    hello this is to all the people who are staying in bangalore now. my exams are going to start and so will be over by the end of june, lets say we organize a lan party, or we can play on net. What say you? And when is digit coming to bangalore? -------mod edit------- d3p : Wilson Garden...
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