1. R

    [Want to Buy] Read Dead Redemption (PS3)

    Hi, I am looking for RDR either for trade, sale or share. I am from whitefield, Bangalore. Regards, Rakesh
  2. R

    Where can i buy games near Whitefield

    Where can I get pc games in Whitefield?? I am looking for XCOM enemy unknown.. Cant find the retail copy online. PS:: I am not fond of downloading 12 GB odd and buy a key instead bump!!
  3. R

    ISP near dodsworth layout (Whitefield)

    Hi All, I am looking for an ISP in borewell road (Dodsworth layout) in whitefield. Please suggest me some wired broadband available here. I have checked with Airtel/Act/You etc and they do not have feasibilty in my area. :( Please suggest as I am desperately looking for a wired...
  4. fun2sh

    Earthquake in bangalore???

    Hey Bangaloreans!! Did any any1 feel shaking? We felt our office building shake ( in whitefield area). i think earthquake came. Yes, earthquake came. *www.ndtv.com/article/india/reports-of-earthquake-in-india-196284?pfrom=home-lateststories
  5. eggman

    Suggest some ggod sites for apartment hunting in bangalore...

    Actually I need a 1BHK flat near Whitefield quickly .... Any other information is also welcomed!!
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