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  1. tkin

    2.0/2.1 Audiophile Speakers for PC

    Hey guys, My speakers went kaput some time back, I had been using my Koss Portapro these days but nothing beats a pair of thumping desktop speakers. So I will buy one end of this month. I am open to purchasing online provided I get warranty. Requirements: 1. 2.0 or 2.1 only. Prefer...
  2. chicha

    Any one from Hyderabad?

    Hello guys any one from hyderabad? i stay in madhapur. and i am bored all the weekends. :D
  3. ico

    [DF] Urban Terror server

    Crap discussion. Server launched - 10 slots /connect gagan.homelinux.com Server name: IND - Hellsheaven 24x7 It will be closed for the Weekends though.
  4. tech_cheetah

    Bought hp 2701 tx

    Yesterday I bought hp 2701tx laptop from Nehru Place for 45.3K. Unfortunately, one of the speakers is giving noisy hissing sounds while playing music. Service centers remains closed on weekends, so waiting for Monday to get it replaced or atleast repaired soon. Since this is a manufactuing...
  5. hrushij

    any idea to find weekdays and weekends for given month and year?

    Hello friends I have a problem with a C++ Program... I have to find weekdays and weekends for a goven month and year! Ant Idea?? Thanx in Advance..
  6. superczar

    Pimp my Ride!

    Pics are worth a thousand words! This took a lot of hardwork and effort spread over several weekends, but was totally worth it.... Thought I'll share this project with you folks 8-)
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