1. papul1993

    Automatic Watches

    Hi, Anybody here owns automatic watches? I kindof want to buy one. Dunno which to buy. The Seiko 5 series watches look really good and at around 8-10k they are probably the cheapest one I can buy.
  2. Ricky

    Negative Experience Don't believe their pricing blindly - may not always get best deal online.

    I have been a long time customer of Flipkart and it is best online shopping in India, I have experience with almost all major website and FK is on top.. however, blindly believing them is my mistake, I recently purchased some watches, on first one got around 40% discount was sweet deal...
  3. Anorion


    Seen a few posts with interest in watches lately, so time is ripe for a dedicated watch discussion thread. One is long overdue for this forum anyway. Posting a list of safe choices, this is just a starting point, we can take it from here. First 5K-25k, at this range quartz is the only...
  4. .jRay.

    Seller Query Reliable Seller to buy an expensive watch??

    The Seller Wrist Dãƒâ‰Cor Does anyone have an experience buying from him? He has a rating of 4/5 Are his watches Original?
  5. hari1

    Buying high quality digital wrist watch

    I want to buy a new digital wrist watch. I have got enough of those chinese watches whose colour keeps diminishing with time and get malfunctioning very quickly. I usually keep wearing the watch all the time even when sleeping and thus the colour of the chinese watches gets deteriorated...
  6. C

    Review my rig please..

    i want you guys to review my FIRST rig and help it build better and cheaper.. HERES THE RIg... Budget 25k (without Moniter - would use my hdtv for the pupose) 1. Processor - AMD 3.8 GHz FX 4130 Processor (6k) - this is the biggest worry, Can This handle Adobe After effects and AUTOCAD.. Is...
  7. S

    Edifier C3 or Logitech z623 or Some other?

    I want to upgrade my speakers at home from ATP 3 (so i can take them with me to bangalore :D) to either of the above mentioned ones? Please to suggest which one would be better. My family watches too many movies, so suggest accordingly. They will be connected to PC without a sound card.
  8. P

    Wrist watches on Rediff, Ebay or Indiatimes ??

    Hello all, Can anyone tell me which is best place to purchase wrist watches (Gents & ladies) from below sites. (Max Range - 500-1000 Rs per watch) I would like to know personal experience of users as most watches looks...
  9. adithyagenius

    Duarability of flash in N70

    I use my N70's flash as flashlight during power cuts at night for short durations. I want to know if it might get damaged just like lights in watches die after 3000 seconds usage. I also want to know the type of flash it has- LED , xenon etc. edit - sry about the spelling of durability.
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