1. nvrmndryo

    My AMD Phenom 965BE X4 3.4ghz will run latest games ?

    Hi, My Processor is Amd Phenom 965 Black edition will still good for running latest games like Modern warfare Advanced Warfare n coming high graphic games ? right now i have Radeon Hd 4850 500 mb gf card and 4 gb ddr3 ram, so I am planning to upgrade my ram to 8gb and new graphic card .but I...
  2. abhidev

    Call of Duty - Advanced Warfare

    And its finally here!!!! :hyper: VKYHuhg0l3I
  3. ranjitsd

    Call Of Duty: Modern Warfare 4

    Call Of Duty: Modern Warfare 4 Set For 2014, Sledgehammer Developing - NowGamer Activision has confirmed that 2014's Call of Duty game will be developed by Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 developers Sledgehammer and that the Call of Duty franchise will have a three year development cycle from...
  4. G

    Rank the COD single player campaign.

    I guess most of us here have played COD single player campaign. I'd like to hear your thoughts on which one you enjoyed the most. So rank them from best to worst. Here's my list from Best to Worst. 1: CoD 4 - Modern Warfare 2: CoD 5 - World at War 3: CoD Black Ops 4: Cod 2 5: CoD -...
  5. chandan3

    Call of duty modern warfare 3

    I hv installed cod modern warfare 3 bt .there is no option xbox 360 contrler n, i could nt play with my xbox 360 contrler.wt i ll do guys ,help me.i wanna play with contrler.
  6. ranjitsd


    i have just created giveaway for Real warfare 2 Real Warfare 2: Northern Crusades Giveaway - Created by ranjitsd :-D
  7. F

    Laptop around Rs.30,000

    I want to buy a laptop with price around Rs. 30,000. It will be mainly used for watching movie,some educational uses and i want to play some games also like Call of Duty Modern Warfare. Which will be the best choice? And also tell me whether samsung laptops are good or not.Thanks in advance.
  8. F

    Double XP period announced for Modern Warfare 3 by Infinity Ward

    Double XP period has been announced by Infinity Ward for Modern Warfare 3 that starts from today 23-5-2012 and is scheduled to end on 29-5-2012 that means Tuesday is the last day.
  9. 101gamzer

    Call of duty Police Warfare [FAN-MADE]

    Good News Call of Duty Police Warfare coming 2013 its a Fan made game it will be a A mix of Battlefield, Grand Theft Auto and HEAT.:shock: UPDATE Police Warfare, a fan-made concept pitch for Call of Duty, was released back in February. It wasn’t supposed to be much more than that, but the...
  10. axes2t2


    16-yr-old boy falls from fourth floor, dies - The Times of India I knew him,he is my friend,he is my clan mate. We came to know eachother via alteriw.net.We both along with so many others used to play modern warfare 2 multiplayer everyday. R.I.P bro. As he always used to play with...
  11. digitaltab

    Battlefield 3 vs Modern Warfare 3

    hello everyone, share your overall experience with these two games, and what you think which is the best and why? thanks!!!
  12. Reaper_vivek

    Any1 here playing in ACL(Asian COD League)??

    SO is there anyone here who is participating in it? Those who don't know, it is an online(xfire) tournament in which we will be playing COD Modern Warfare..
  13. Gaurav Bhattacharjee

    Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3

    [GAMINGUNION]Modern Warfare 3 Is Set For Reveal In April Source
  14. Psychosocial

    Call of Duty : Black Ops Discussion thread

    So who else is pumped for 9th November? Discuss this game here. I personally wouldn't mind it to be similar to Modern Warfare (I mean the gameplay mechanics, not the time line) with a few tweaks, I just want it to be longer.
  15. sreenisatish

    Modern Warfare 2 PC Release date?

    Even though Modern Warfare 2 was released quite a while back for the PC and the consoles, in India, the PC version is still not available. According to early reports, the PC version was menat to be sold for Rs. 1299. But, the best price I can see on ebay is 2.7K for the game which probably...
  16. NewsBytes

    Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 is the most pirated game of 2009

      One of the most highly anticipated games of 2009, Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 went ahead and broke many records when it was launched, raking in revenues of more than $310 million in the first 24 hours in the US and UK alone; selling more than 4.7 million units. Still smashing...
  17. D@rekills4

    Modern Warfare 3 - The Onion Reveals MW 3

    Modern Warfare 2 is nice and all, but The Onion has the scoop on Modern Warfare 3 - the most realistic military experience ever created. Cleaning humvees and complaining about cell phone coverage? Count me in! The only thing missing in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 is a feature where once you...
  18. NewsBytes

    Offended Russia recalls all copies of Modern Warfare 2

      Ill-advised censorship has been a problem that most popular culture items have faced time and again. The latest victim is Infinity Ward’s Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2, as Russia has recalled all copies of the game from stores.   The reason, of course, is the controversial ‘No...
  19. sxyadii

    Modern Warfare 3 - Details Leaked

    Modern Warfare 3 - Details Leaked Link : The Onion News-The America's Finest News Source
  20. NewsBytes

    Infinity Ward throws another punch at PC gamers

      Activision seems to have no love left for PC gamers, as they continue to add insult to injury after the announcement last month about absence of dedicated servers  for Modern Warfare 2.   After reading an interview  posted by Ben Kuchera on Ars Techina, Modern Warfare 2 on PC is looking...
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